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MAHALAXMI represents a reputed brand for highest quality cold drawn seamless tubes. While the reasons for our reputation are many, the prominent ones are:

Quality Systems & Certifications
MAHALAXMI Seamless Limited is an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company and is en-route to being a TS16949 certified company by September 2006. The company is a proud awardee of the "Well Known Tube Maker" certificate from Indian Boiler Regulatory Board allowing self-certification on their behalf. We are being certified by TUV in India to supply to European Union (EU) under Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and AD 2000 WO certification. We have been selected by CBI (a Dutch government organization chartered to promote import from developing countries into EU) after a comprehensive audit of our systems and processes.

Best Raw Material
The raw material billets or mother tubes are sourced from reputed Indian or global manufacturers after due diligence and quality checks. Our sourcing strives to procure only the best material in order to produce the best tubes.

State Of Art Machinery
The manufacturing process begins with a piercing mill followed by a comprehensive 9-tank surface treatment plant. At the heart of our manufacturing genius are two bright annealing furnaces capable of fashioning a wide range of surface finishes. These are controlled atmosphere furnaces with inert gases that leave the surface bright and shining. Built around these are our variegated pointing, swaging, drawing, straightening and cutting machines that help us to serve any and all of our customer's requirements.

Stringent Quality Control
Quality at MAHALAXMI is such an obsession that, like breathing, it is just a way of life. All products manufactured by us are subjected to most stringent quality control procedures. We have a fully equipped mechanical lab containing metal spectra scope, 100 M.T. capacity tensile tester, Hardness tester, Microscope, Dead weight pressure gauge calibrator etc. We boast both encircling coil and roto-probe types of Eddy Current Testing facilities for all kind of internal and external flaw detection. And we have hydro-testing installations for straight as well as U-Tubes that can test up to pressures of 800 bars.

MAHALAXMI works very hard to meet all its commitments and promises to keep our customer's lives stress-free. We like to deliver on time every time.

MAHALAXMI strives to provide as many services as possible to its customers. We try to help customers with small lots and even cut small lengths as per customer requirements. We have tied up with companies to help our customers to get finned tubes or even heat exchangers. Any other special tube finishing requirements can be considered by us.



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